Adherence to Strict Quality Standards

To maintain the quality and consistency of our woven denim fabrics, we abide by high quality control benchmarks conducted by seasoned auditors.

How We Ensure Superior Woven Denim Fabric

We practice rigorous inspections after every step of the production process, maintaining the quality from beginning to end.
Yarn Audit
Color Separation
Fabric Inspection
Quality Reporting

Meticulous Testing Processes

Part of our quality control protocol involves the practice of these established tests handled by our quality control auditors.

Yarn Test

Several factors of the yarn, including color absorption, uniformity, thickness, strength and twist performance is tested and compared to factory standards, before warping.

Dyeing Color Test

Each dyed batch is inspected and compared with our color swatches, checking if they faithfully match the required shade.

Fabric Inspection After Unloading from Weaving Machine

After weaving and before finishing, each roll of fabric would be checked, renovate defects and scored based on American 4-Point System.

Finishing Test

A sample of each finishing batch is cut and washed to check if finishing process is done accurately, to check weft and warp shrinkage, skewing, singeing. Color lot checking is additional needed for desizing and mercerizing.

Finished Fabric, Final Test

Our most important procedure.We conduct another round of testing on the fabric to ensure product quality is perfectly matched with the American 4-Point System before sending to globe. A final detailed quality report will be done here.


We pack finished fabric with plastic bag tightly, insure fabric is kept before sending it out for shipment.