Our production process starts by turning the raw cotton material into high-quality yarn. We spin the carefully-selected premium cotton using modern spinning equipment and draw out the thread for our fabrics. We then check the completed yarn, looking for inconsistencies and taking them out before proceeding with the next process.


Once the yarn is spun, we give it its preferred color. With a specialized dyeing process, the high-class dyes penetrate deeply into the fibers, guaranteeing longer color retention and exact shades. The yarn is dipped into the dye six to nine times, making sure it fully absorbs the colors and reduces the risks of discoloration.


After the dying process, the yarn is drawn and slowly woven together to create the distinct denim fabric we’re known for. Our established weaving process results in extreme durability and flexibility. We take the time to weave the yarn according to your specifications for specialized designs.

Shinkproofing and Desizing

After the dyeing and weaving process, the fabric goes through several methods to reduce the risk of shrinkage or desizing. Part of our tests and adjustments include singeing, mercerizing, and pre-shrinking, among others. With our process, the fabric retains its measurements faithfully.

Inspection and Warehousing

Before placing the completed fabrics in our fully-functional warehouse, expert quality control inspectors conduct several audits to ensure quality and consistency. Once placed in the warehouse, samples are taken from the fabric for testing before shipment. Our pre-shipping inspections help guarantee that you get the quality fabrics that your brand deserves.